How to Become a Certified Inbound Marketer With Zero Budget

Are you a newbie in the online marketing world?


Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a hard time securing your first client.


What’s the one thing that hits you the hardest and kills all your self-confidence when you get asked by a potential client why they should hire you? Your credentials (something you don’t have just yet!)


It’s daunting enough to think that you are competing against other freelancers from different parts of the world – not to mention they have more experience than you do.


Competition doesn’t have to be that intimidating. With the right mindset, knowledge and taking the Inbound certification from Hubspot Academy, you could easily step up your game and become a certified professional marketer in no time– all without spending a penny or enrolling to an online course you cannot afford at the moment.


Now that you know that Hubspot Inbound Certification will significantly help you position yourself over competition without credentials, read on and I’ll walk you through how to instantly get certified by Hubspot Academy in this very blog post.


After reading the entirety of this post, you’ll know exactly how to pass the exam in JUST ONE TAKE. Ready? Let’s dive in.


3 Tips to Ace The Hubspot Inbound Course

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Essential Marketing Terminologies


Before you start diving into the course, you want to get a grasp of inbound marketing jargons (at least some of them) to avoid overwhelming yourself with “new information”.


Then, when you start watching the videos, you’ll easily understand the concepts of inbound methodology – and quickly recognize real-life examples, too.


Bookmark The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know so you can scan through it and refer to it later (you don’t need to know all of the terms just yet).


Keep in mind that these terminologies should be understood not memorized.


See, nothing fancy going on here. By having a good knowledge on the terminologies beforehand, you can actually focus on the flow of the video presentations.

2. Take Advantage of the Free Tools & Resources Provided by HubSpot Academy


After you’ve got your marketing vocabulary straight, check out the Resources given in each lesson.


Download the study guide, slides, transcripts and buyer persona creation template. The study guide will set your expectations. Practice creating a buyer persona using the template. Use the slides and transcripts as a reference while taking the exam.


Think of this tip like what you did with tip #1 — you’re establishing a clear understanding of the whole inbound methodology so that you won’t have to take the final test multiple times before passing.

3. Acknowledge Your Own Learning Style


By being aware of your learning style, you’ll recognize how you can study more effectively. If you feel you’re more of a visual type, concentrate on the videos.


For aural learners, capitalize on ­­the podcasts of the lessons on iTunes or SoundCloud and listen to them during your downtime or perhaps while driving or commuting to work.


And if you enjoy reading more than listening or watching which means you are the verbal type, read the lessons’ transcripts from start to finish.


In some cases, your learning style may be a combination of 1 or 2. Just keep in mind to focus more on what is working for you. You’ll save lots of time and kill overwhelm like a ninja.

Additional Tip: Make Speed Watching (or Listening) a Habit


Last, but certainly not least, you want to apply the speed watching method when studying. Speed watching is the method of watching videos or listening to audio at a faster speed usually 1.5x to 2x faster.


This way, you can finish a 20-min video in just 10 mins. Now tell me, how cool is that? And you know what the best part is? Next time you encounter a speaker who talks so slow, you won’t feel like dozing off anymore.


You can readily do this when watching on YouTube since they have the play speed control option on the player settings.

Youtube Play Speed Contoller




Hubspot Academy video player has it too. Click the gear icon and the play speed option will appear.

Hubspot Video Play Speed Contoller




Now, to use this technique in watching almost any video online, install the Video Speed Controller Chrome Extension and you’ll be ready to expedite all your online studying sessions!

Once you have installed and enabled the Video Speed Controller, a selection will appear on the web video player as shown below:

Video Speed Controller Chrome Extension




Here’s a couple of other tools you can also use to apply this method:

  • VLC Player = For downloaded audios and videos on your PC and phone.
  • BSPlayer Free = For watching YouTube videos on Android phones. You may also go for their paid version to remove the ads.

Please share in the comments section any additional tools you find useful.


I usually play videos at 1.5x to 2x speed depending on the speaker’s actual pace. Using this method has allowed me to squeeze more time out of my already busy day!


Thanks to Allan Ngo, my mentor, an email marketing expert and the founder of Digital Solopreneur, for sharing this easy yet so nifty trick!


Now it’s time to get your Hubspot Inbound Certification and become a professional marketer here. All the best! You can either buy me a burger or you can just thank me after. 😉

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